Working for a sustainable world through the reinvention of models is at the heart of Bartle’s DNA.

Early awareness of the challenge

In 2005, Bartle was fortunate to have bilum, an upcycling pioneer, as one of its first clients. This resulted in a real awareness among the firm’s teams about the emergence of the circular economy and new business models.

Today, we continue to pursue this collective momentum through CEC Consulting (Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat du secteur du conseil – The Convention of Companies for the Climate in the consulting sector), to define Bartle’s roadmap towards a regenerative economy, and to develop shared assets among consulting players.

"At Bartle, we believe that CSR must become more radical to enable the reinvention of business models"
Maxime Dupont, senior manager

A journey
to improve our footprint

Between these two important milestones for the firm is the story of a journey.

In 2018, Bartle began working towards B Corp certification, which it obtained in 2019 – one of the pioneers in the French community. B Corp assesses and registers companies that promote a responsible socio-economic model.

That same year, the firm joined the United Nations Global Compact, and began to pursue a Diversity and Inclusion approach by signing the Diversity Charter. This positioned the firm in a space of reflection, which enabled it to consider all possible ways to improve its societal and environmental footprint, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since 2022, we have been a partner of CO Conseil. CO is a non-profit strategy consulting firm, which is exclusively dedicated to supporting projects for the public good. Its mission is to enable organisations to increase their impact and ensure their sustainability through strategy consulting. This partnership enables Bartle employees to be involved in high-impact projects for a period of time, to uncover new models, and, on their return, to put their learning on the Social and Solidarity Economy into practice in their Bartle consulting projects.

Bartle also plays an active role as an advisor to Kiss Studio – a venture dedicated to making a positive impact.

Raising awareness
among our clients and employees

Today, Bartle carries out a range of awareness-raising activities for its employees: film discussions on conferences of scientists and climate experts, internal training on CSR issues for our teams, organisation of internal Climate Collage workshops, etc. The firm is also in the process of calculating its environmental footprint according to the European OEF method. This is a scientific method recognised by the European Commission, which makes it possible to meet the expectations arising from current carbon-footprint calculations while providing a comprehensive view of the impacts over an organisation’s entire life cycle.

On the client side, we are supporting more and more projects relating to the transition and regenerative economy: decarbonisation of business activities, diversity and inclusion strategies, second-hand market issues, resource recovery, digital accessibility, broadening the adoption of packageless products among retailers, reductions in air transport, and areas covering the circular economy in the broadest sense.

We also work on measuring the impacts of our projects with clients, as well as our clients’ impact in general. To do this, a dedicated team has built a repository of eco-social and environmental impact indicators to manage these impacts, linking them to our B Corp commitments and working through CEC Consulting.