Operational excellence is not possible without a comprehensive view across the entire value chain.

Bartle conducts a cross-functional analysis of your value chain to identify and implement innovative solutions.

Bartle leverages its multidisciplinary expertise and a proven ability to work with all of a company’s stakeholders: field operations, support functions and management.

  • We adapt our operational excellence response to the needs of the organisation
  • We offer tailor-made support programmes for all stakeholders
  • We assist you in deploying your operational excellence projects based on your unique challenges

"To succeed, the strategic value of an operational excellence project must be recognised at the highest levels of the company"
Nicolas Néret, partner

Operational excellence is an imperative at all levels

High performance, optimised everyday tasks and enduring best practices are the ideals that underpin the work of our operational excellence consultants at all times.

Operational excellence is aimed at continuously improving every aspect of performance in every department at the company:

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Commercial effectiveness,
  • Innovation and development or products and services,
  • Efficient operations and support functions,
  • Recruiting and engaging talented staff,
  • Economic performance,
  • Operations oversight and compliance, and
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Our consulting projects frequently tackle these kinds of goals, using operational excellence methods and tool kits in which Bartle consultants are well versed. Bartle’s expertise in operational excellence, coupled with our knowledge of how to manage change and our strong people skills, is an underpinning of our success and one of the reasons why our clients keep coming back to us.

We support you in attaining excellence
At every stage

  • Performance diagnostic and management
  • Organisational transformation
  • Zero-based organisation
  • Definition of target operating models
  • Post-merger integration, carve-out or operational partnership
  • Outsourcing/business process outsourcing
  • Support for shared service centres
  • Process transformation, business process management
  • IT system upgrades, digitisation, automation, RPA, machine learning, process mining, etc.
  • Talent management and change support
  • Changes in operating modes and philosophies (lean management, agile approaches, DMAIC, continuous improvement plan)

An end-to-end approach to excellence

We work together with our clients upstream to define quantitative and qualitative objectives and we measure the results achieved upon completion of our missions. Our consultants combine immersion in the field with big-picture visibility which gives them credibility when interacting with operational staff and decision makers. This approach seeks to make operational excellence an integral part of the company culture and to ingrain it in everyday practices over the long term.

The key stages of the approach are:

  • Diagnostic
  • Development of improvement solutions
  • Solution testing phase
  • Assistance with solution deployment
  • Implementation of indicators
  • Last but not least, change support

Improving performance with SOCIOLEAN

At Bartle, we firmly believe that Lean can bring performance to any business in any sector but, unfortunately, setting up a Lean approach fails all too often. Why? Lack of buy-in! To get staff on board and unleash the potential of Lean in any environment, we designed a hybrid method: SOCIOLEAN.

How does SOCIOLEAN ensure your initiative will succeed?

From the diagnostic phase, our methodology enables us to see and understand every facet of the problem to be addressed: organisation, tools, motivational insights, complex human relationships and more.

When putting together the target vision, we consider the human factor as an integral part of the work and design actions meant to align stakeholder challenges with objectives.

Finally, we craft a deployment plan that provides teams with all the classic tools (methods, resources, etc.), as well personal drivers, such as pleasure, desire and motivation.

Redefinition of business processes

Bartle assisted a client in the financial services sector with redefining its business processes in pursuit of convergence, optimisation and digitisation. During this assignment, a continuous improvement process was also launched to establish a governance mechanism, methodology and tools to sustain and expand this approach and its benefits throughout the company.

Reorganisation of a division

Bartle was enlisted by a client in the transport sector to reorganise its Purchasing Division. As part of the assignment, our experts performed a diagnostic and defined a performance plan with concrete objectives and action plans to execute. The organisational transformation and an attitude assessment were also launched following collaborative workshops with management and a selection of operational staff and clients.

Optimisation of a business line and cost reduction

Bartle helped one of its clients in the retail sector with a programme to optimise its transport operations. Our firm drew on its cross-sector skills in supply chain data and operational excellence to carry out an in-depth diagnostic to cover the entire target perimeter. This analysis proposed various scenarios which enabled the client to redefine purchasing needs, improve management tools and, ultimately, significantly trim the corresponding transport budgets, working from a detailed implementation blueprint.

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