For 15 years, Bartle has supported the biggest groups in a broad array of sectors, offering up its multidisciplinary expertise so that you can leverage the full potential of your industry.

Bartle’s financial services experts are experienced finance professionals who earned their stripes at the biggest international financial groups.

Over the course of many projects, the Bartle consultancy has amassed proven experience in supporting organisational transformations founded on :

  • The methodological, functional and entrepreneurial knowledge of its consultants to provide bespoke assistance 
  • Thorough understanding of the client’s challenges to co-construct innovative, effective and lasting organisational models 
  • Experience with transformation projects and their corresponding change management plans

"The sector has never been so transformed. And yet it is just the beginning"
Mathieu Gosselin, Partner

Changes that affect all sectors and consumption modes

Financial services play an essential role in our societies and in France, the sector employs just under one million people. But it is facing numerous problems, such as:

  • The methodological, functional and entrepreneurial knowledge of its consultants to enable bespoke assistance 
  • Thorough understanding of the client’s challenges to co-construct innovative, effective and lasting organisational models 
  • Experience with transformation projects and their corresponding change management plans

This context calls for both strategic and operational transformations:

  • Improve quality and customer satisfaction by offering mobility, flexibility and transparency. Manage risks (credit, market, operational) against a backdrop of market uncertainty.
  • Increase operational efficiency, simplify organisations and reduce costs to preserve profitability.
  • Accelerate the digitisation of operations to boost the quality of client and employee experiences. Digital is also a vector for growth, bringing forth new products and services.
  • Support the transition to sustainable finance by transposing the relevant regulations, formalising dedicated road maps and utilising ESG data from organisations.
  • Adapt activities according to regulatory changes and manage the risk of non-compliance. 
  • Optimise the workplace and commutes, address energy constraints.
  • Put people, i.e., human resources, at the heart of strategies and approach them as key allies in the transformation.

Bartle assists executive committees, organisational departments and business lines with all these issues. 

Our portfolio of services is divided
into six areas of expertise

Strategy & marketing

  • Build a 2030 vision through collaborative methods.
  • Assist with updating revenue models and designing new offers and services.
  • Define, scope and implement strategic plans.
  • Conduct opportunity studies/write business plans for new products and services, then launch and monitor pilot programmes prior to scale-up.

Transformation & Organisation

  • Assist with internal and external reorganisation projects (mergers, partnerships). 
  • Create and lead project governance and the definition of objectives, anticipate and manage risks, manage costs, ensure that results are achieved by monitoring costs and deadlines, track the actions taken, delays and planning/cost impacts, and adapt communications according to the impact of the transformation on the various groups. 
  • Define and deploy new organisational models (shared service centre, transferred activities) and new oversight systems.
  • Implement a change management plan to provide support.

Operational excellence

  • Define the target operating model, optimise existing processes, digitise and automate processes, implement continuous improvement.
  • Assist with the deployment of performance improvement projects and implement systems to sustain the actions over time.
  • Monitor process performance through active governance and KPIs.
  • Manage change (coaching, training) to support staff through the transformation of their business activities.

Digital & Innovation

  • Calibrate digital and marketing strategies, then translate them into operational road maps.
  • Create and optimise digital banking paths (UX/UI) in agile mode.
  • Write marketing and sales plans.
  • Monitor technology and fintech news.
  • Lead workshops to identify new value propositions: innovation seminars, design thinking, ideation sessions, application of Lean Start-up methodologies, Lego Serious Play, etc.
  • Assist with the implementation of governance and decision-making processes regarding internal innovation challenges.

CSR & sustainable finance

  • Help to recast the company purpose and corresponding service models.
  • Assist with certification processes (B Corp, Ecovadis, Lucie).
  • Define CSR and sustainable finance road maps.
  • Assist with projects aimed at reducing the carbon impact of business lines and mobility.
  • Assist with projects related to sustainable finance (regulatory, product, ESG integration process, ESG data set-up).
  • Conduct studies and benchmarking of ESG data and services.

Risk & Compliance

  • Audit internal control systems and recommend avenues for improvement. 
  • Conduct a risk mapping and provide operational support on the three lines of defence.
  • Conduct regulatory monitoring and benchmark best practices on the market.
  • Assist with bringing organisations into compliance, based on regulatory changes.

At Bartle, our multidisciplinary expertise
is your strength

Bartle is organised like a neural network. We are always open to hybridisation which can generate unique and innovative approaches.

The financial services community is no exception. We are in constant contact with other areas of expertise and business sectors, and are always poised to benefit from “best-in-class” practices, whether they come from the luxury, digital or consumer goods sectors. Who better than a retailer to find inspiration for a customer loyalty programme or a luxury leader to dream up the customer path of the future?

This unique mentality has made Bartle a stand-out in the world of financial services consulting. After all, Bartle has been included among the “500 Growth Champions” (ranking by Les Échos/Statista) for four straight years.

We stand for virtuous growth, as evidenced by the B Corp certification we obtained in 2019, making us one of the first firms in France to do so.

Services financiers

Client and employee loyalty:
a virtuous circle

At Bartle, consultants working on financial services projects also systematically participate in another community to nurture the cross-pollination that is so valuable to us. They are free to choose which community they invest in, which ensures personal fulfilment and career-long learning. 

Our consultants enjoy working with clients. Our clients sense their enthusiasm and continue to put their trust in us.

Does your organisation need to be adjusted or transformed?
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