Bartle uses proven, innovative tools and methods to empower its clients to optimise their performance.

Profound developments across the sector are affecting all players: when change becomes imperative

Players in today’s transport industry are dealing with numerous challenges which are causing them to fundamentally rethink their economic, service and industrial models.

Technological leaps and accelerating digitisation, changes in passenger behaviour, the opening up of historical markets to competition and the arrival of new arenas of competition, the growing scarcity of public funds, the rise of temporary occupation permits and regulatory authorities, ecological and energy transitions… these are all catalysts affecting the sector.

For operators of all sizes, infrastructure managers, financiers, regulators and manufacturers, each stakeholder must find the levers for innovation and performance to move forward: groundbreaking ideas, performance plans, diversification of activities, repositioning on the market, customer and employee experiences, operational excellence and so on. Bartle is poised to characterise and assist with all these transformation tools over the long haul.

"As consultants and former operators in the sector, we can go behind the curtains"
Cyril Faure, Partner

Bartle: a multidisciplinary firm
that delivers tailored approaches and solutions

Each project is customised and staffed with our hand-picked specialists to bring you the best sector-specific knowledge and most suitable methodologies.

Our team members are consultants who have graduated the most prestigious universities and many of them have extensive prior operational experience, which grounds their approaches in pragmatism. They are ready to go behind the curtains. 

We have internal think tanks that conduct independent research in the fields of infrastructure management (Cercle des Gestionnaires d’Infrastructures), transformation (Cercle de la Transformation) and supply chain (Cercle de la Supply Chain). We also have formal academic partnerships with Sciences Po Paris and the École des Ponts.

Quick takes from the transport, infrastructure and mobility sectors highlighting Bartle’s work to boost company performance

Bartle carries out assignments for clients in a variety of sectors to support them in achieving their industrial objectives.

  • Radically new performance plan to realign teams with corporate goals
  • Reorganisation of operational maintenance teams informed by organisational sociology
  • Digitisation of RER conductors in dense areas
  • Improved user experience for security officers
  • SSC design for employee services
  • Development of an oversight model for a new business unit
  • Negotiation and management of temporary occupation permits

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