Bartle assists healthcare professionals, hospitals, private clinics, health centres, the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech and medtech industries.

« Institutions can only care for their patients if they care for their employees »
Clarence Dupont, Pharmacist, Director

Healthcare environments need to rethink the patient and employee experience

The vulnerabilities and malfunctions at hospitals require profound changes in cultures, organisations and behaviours. The turbulent post-Covid context has only compounded the growing demands of healthcare workers and patients, not to mention the environmental challenges.

Indeed, the pandemic brought into focus the arduousness of health professions, as well as the inefficiency, slow pace and other shortcomings of the patient journey. Many healthcare professionals are struggling to find meaning in their work and turning their backs on their calling.

Thus, hospitals, private clinics and health centres must transform themselves in order to recast the experience of employees, patients and society.

As patient become increasingly – but not necessarily better – informed about their diseases and disorders thanks to the internet, they are clamouring for P4 medicine: predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory.

« Pharmaceutical companies must continuously improve, which starts with a cultural transformation... from repeatability to innovation »
Jonathan Levy, Director

The pharmaceutical industry and the challenge to innovate in a closely regulated sector

The pharmaceutical industry that treats and saves is sometimes perceived as a business whose prosperity is fed by health problems. Furthermore, the Covid-19 crisis showed that research and development can be more efficient than the slow turnaround times to which we are accustomed. The public has doubts. How can the image of the pharmaceutical industry be restored by conveying its meaning, value and impact?

Pharmaceutical production is tightly regulated and has always been committed to repeating the same steps to achieve defined levels of quality and efficacy for drugs registered with regulatory authorities. Any deviation from the process must be rectified and prevented from happening again.

And yet today the pharmaceutical industry is discovering the opportunities that come with innovation, such as improving quality, reducing human error, optimising operations, attaining operational excellence, discovering new molecules, developing and retaining talent, deploying agility in organisations, and leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning while freeing up humans to perform the tasks where they can add real value.

Help carers recapture the sense of purpose
they once got from their work

Bartle helps health professionals and organisations redefine their mission and recapture their original sense of purpose by employing engaging methodologies inspired by positive psychology. We implement policies and procedures designed to promote the well-being of each professional, as well as agile collaboration between stakeholders.

Services financiers

patient care pathways

On the patient side, we use marketing tools such as voice of the customer, the empathy map and the patient experience to improve the journeys of people who consume healthcare products and services. The patient-carer relationship must evolve so that patients can express their needs and harness all the data that only they know.

Optimise the territorial coverage
of the healthcare offer

Demographic changes and population shifts have led to an uneven distribution of healthcare resources. To respond to this social challenge, Bartle assists health professionals, health authorities and policy makers in optimising the territorial network of healthcare services and redefining models, roles and responsibilities.

Our familiarity with the field and our collaborative approach enable us to offer bespoke support to quickly implement an ambitious yet realistic transformation.

Support the pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech industries
in their transformation

Bartle supports the pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech industries in carrying out their transformation projects by focusing on the employee as the main agent of change, from design to testing and fine-tuning, then adoption.

Bartle uses innovative methodologies such as design thinking to reinvent, agility to structure successful organisations, lean as a start-up to encourage the right to make mistakes, sprints to embody the company’s values in everyday behaviour, and neuro-training to adopt new behaviours.

In 2019 we earned our B Corp certification which reflects our environmental and social commitments. We support our clients in their ecological and social transition plans, beginning with the definition of clear priorities and tangible commitments that will enable them to stand out and to become the preferred choice of their patients, partners and the environment.