Audacity is a shared endeavour

Bartle is an interdisciplinary and independent management consulting firm that helps decision makers rekindle their entrepreneurial energy.

Conceived in 2005 as an innovation laboratory, Bartle now employs a team of more than 250 consultants with expertise in crafting visions and managing projects.

We take on big challenges: identifying and exploring pathways for strategic diversification, improving operational effectiveness, and managing projects efficiently.

Entrepreneurial spirit

At Bartle we have a strong entrepreneurial streak. We promise our teams a wide margin of manoeuvre to make space for initiative, test-and-learn and more.

Horizontal management

Bartle grows each day, thanks to the talents of its employees. We are well aware of this strength, and our horizontal management structure enables all employees to express themselves, to contribute, and to contradict, which fosters the emergence of big ideas and a variety of thought.

CSR commitments

From the beginning, Bartle has prioritised social, societal and environmental issues, which is reflected internally with our employees and externally with our projects and the values we share with our clients. A forerunner in the sector, Bartle became a certified B Corp in 2019.

Independent consultancy

Because we our entirely independent, our firm enjoys autonomy, organisational freedom and the ability to act in the best interest of our clients and employees.

Strong organic growth

The firm owes its robust growth (up 30% to 40% per year the last few years) to the loyalty of its clients and employees, and to all the unique characteristics of which we are so proud.

Bartle has been a certified B Corp
since 2019

Bartle is proud to belong to the B Corp community. Bartle became a pioneer among consultancies when it joined the B Corp community in 2019.


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